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Detailing and Ceramic Coating Services

Premium Detailing and Ceramic Coating Services

Show Shine Solutions offers top tier professional only ceramic coatings and premium auto detailing/reconditioning services to Brooklyn CT and all of Northeast & Southeast Connecticut. We have set the bar high with our attention to detail and standard for excellence. With years of experience in detailing, we know every technique to bring out the luster and shine in your vehicle’s paint. We are paint correction specialists and know exactly what to look for in terms of damage to your vehicle’s paint so we can properly assess the work that needs to be done. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best ceramic coatings and auto detailing Northeast CT has to offer. Whether you need a thorough hand wash or want a full detail and paint correction, our team wants to take care of you!

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These packages are designed for daily drivers and those who are looking to raise their standards when it comes to vehicle paint protection.  Take your vehicle’s finish to another level.  These packages provide better gloss and protection then basic wax used in most exterior detail packages.  Wax is dead!  It’s cheap and provides little protection for your paint.  We believe in providing protective products that actually protect your vehicle.  Isn’t that what you’re paying for?  Wax will need to be applied several times per year to provide a very small amount of protection.  That gets expensive fast if you’re frequenting a detail shop or becomes a tedious, time consuming task if you do it yourself.

Our products:

  • Make your vehicle easier to clean and maintain
  • Keep it looking better longer with higher gloss levels
  • Provide better UV protection
  • Provide higher chemical resistance
  • Require less frequent reapplication that saves you time and money.
  • Our ceramic sealants can not be easily removed with car wash soaps or chemicals


Click the link below to go to our ceramic coating section for multi year protection options.  We offer a full lineup of top tier warrantied professional only ceramic coatings.

Level 1

This is your standard hand wash and dry - Nothing fancy
Level 1
  • - 2 bucket professional hand wash and foam bath
  • - Light Bug and Tar Removal
  • - Warm air and microfiber towel dry - This includes drying trunk and door jambs
  • - Clean wheel faces, wheel wells and tires - Dress tires with non sling dressing
  • - Apply spray sealant/detailer
  • - Glass inside and out

Level 2

Decon wash, clay and 6+ months of protection
Level 2
  • - Hand Wash and Dry - Includes cleaning and drying all jambs
  • - Light Bug and Tar Removal
  • - Iron and fallout decontamination
  • - Ultra fine clay towel used to remove light contamination
  • - Our ceramic sealant package is applied for 6 to 8 months of protection - Are you still using wax? Wax is cheap and offers little to no protection - It’s time to raise your standards with real protection!
  • - Wheels, Tires, Wheel Wells Cleaned
  • - Wheel Wells Dressed with Water Based Dressing
  • - Tires Dressed with high quality non sling water based tire dressing
  • Exterior Trim Dressed and Protected
  • - Glass Cleaned Inside and Out

Level 3

This is a full decontamination wash service and is more thorough then the Bronze package - This process is performed to ensure the surface is surgically clean and ready for a longer lasting ceramic coating product - Provides up to 12 months of protection for paint and wheel faces
Level 3
  • - Includes everything from Signature hand wash and dry
  • - Iron and fallout chemical paint decontamination - Removes iron particles embedded in the paint and wheels
  • - Mineral Remover Paint Decontamination - removes mineral build up and non etched water spots
  • - Thorough Clay Bar Decontamination
  • - Ceramic Pro Sport is applied to paint and wheel faces and- provides up to 12 months of protection - CP Sport is a ceramic coating and not a ceramic sealant - Are you still using wax? Wax is cheap and offers little to no protection - It’s time to raise your standards with real protection! Did I mention that this is a warrantied service? Step up to next level protection.
  • - Dress, restore and protect exterior trim
  • - Long lasting ceramic tire dressing applied
  • - Ceramic based dressing applied to wheel wells
  • - Clean glass inside and out


Our interior detailing services are a full reconditioning of your vehicle’s interior.  These services are designed to bring your interior back to the way it was when you first bought it. Your vehicle will be cleaned by trained professionals who utilize proper cleaning and stain removal techniques.  We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t use cheap caustic cleaners that can damage interior surfaces, we actually scrub and properly clean your panel.  We don’t just cover up dirty panels with greasy dressing.  All cleaning chemicals are non caustic, non toxic, safe for use in your vehicle.

You can get your vehicle “cleaned” anywhere but if you’re looking for a completely dialed in interior that’s been properly disinfected, properly detailed, factory fresh again, and serviced by a licensed and insured business, give us a call

*A visual inspection may be required prior to booking – No 2 vehicles are the same – final price will be based on size and condition

Upcharge for large vehicles, excessively dirty vehicles and pet hair

Standard Interior Detail

This is our standard ``Like New`` interior service
Standard Interior Detail
  • - Thorough vacuum of carpets, seats and mats
  • - All cracks and crevices air purged/blown out and cleaned
  • - Rubber or plastic mats cleaned and reconditioned
  • - All interior plastics, vents, cup holders, dash and door panels thoroughly cleaned and protected with a premium matte finish cleaner/conditioner
  • - Light upholstery and carpet dry vapor steam cleaning - This is for light spot treatment - this is not the same as shampoo/extraction
  • - Wipe down leather seats - with light cleaner/conditioner
  • - Door and trunk jambs wiped down
  • - Windows cleaned in and out

Interior Deep Clean

This is for those vehicles that need little extra
Interior Deep Clean
  • Includes everything from the Standard Interior Detail plus these add ons
  • - Full steam clean of all interior surfaces
  • - Headliner spot treatment
  • - Stain removal
  • - Shampoo and extract upholstery, carpets and mats
  • - Leather deep clean - premium conditioner and protectant applied
  • - Door and trunk jambs wiped down
  • - Windows cleaned in and out

Owner's Pride Interior Ceramic

7 Year Warrantied Interior Ceramic Protection - Leather, Vinyl, Carpet and Plastics
Owner's Pride Interior Ceramic
  • Owner’s Pride Interior Ceramic Coating is backed by a 7-year warranty that covers everything from food and stains and sun fading to rips, tears and burns. Our interior ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection to all fabric, leather, plastic, carpet, and vinyl on the inside of your vehicle. This protection creates more water tension on all soft surfaces providing an easier cleaning and protection from stains setting in.
  • - Includes a standard interior detail


What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction or machine polishing is intended to remove imperfections on the vehicle’s painted surface. It’s a service that is completed typically to prep a vehicle for a protective coating, film, wax, sealant and to improve or restore the look of your vehicle.  The process is always customized based on the type of paint, surface imperfections and the request of the customer. The detailer will polish a vehicle to remove a few individual imperfections including:

  • Removing fine scratches
  • Remove Spider Webbing or Swirl Marks
  • Get rid of stains left by animal waste (bird droppings and bug splatters)
  • Remove calcium deposits (water spots)
  • Damage or high / low spots by poor installation of DIY protective solutions
  • Removing wax, paint sealants, or ceramic coatings from paintwork

Level 1 - Paint Enhancement

This service focuses on increases in gloss with very light defect removal
Level 1 - Paint Enhancement
2 to 3 hours
  • - This is our basic paint enhancement. It can remove 25 to 50% or more of swirls and scratches without leaving behind holograms in your paints finish.

Level 2 - 1 Step Correction

This service focuses on removing as many defects as possible in 1 step while leaving the paint glossy without micromarring or haze
Level 2 - 1 Step Correction
4 to 5 hours
  • - This is the most popular and the minimum recommended amount of correction for our professional ceramic coating installations. Can remove up to 75% or more of swirls and scratches without leaving behind holograms in your paints finish. We will try to achieve the highest level of defect removal in a single correction step - results will vary based on paint condition and paint hardness

Level 3 - 2 Step Correction

This service focuses on maximum defect removal and maximum refinement of the paint - this delivers the best gloss, depth and shine while leaving the paint nearly defect free
Level 3 - 2 Step Correction
8 hours
  • This is the best correction for any of our professional ceramic coating installations and is needed on most black vehicles and some other darker colors. This will give you that very deep, glossy, wet finish. Removes 75 – 90% or more of swirls and scratches without leaving behind holograms in your paints finish. This is the recommended level of correction for our Tier 4 and 5 ceramic coatings - Includes 1 cutting step and 1 finishing step

Level 4 - Multi Step Correction

This is the ultimate correction service - this service utilizes multiple cutting and polishing steps along with wet sanding and spot sanding. This will give you the most even texture across all panels and maximum gloss and reflection.
Level 4 - Multi Step Correction
16 hours
  • - This is the ultimate correction for any of our professional ceramic coating installations. Removes 90 – 95% or more of swirls and scratches without leaving behind holograms in your paints finish. Includes multiple steps of correction and wet sanding.




If you’re tired of waxing your vehicle, looking for easier maintenance, better gloss and protection that lasts for years and not weeks, then a ceramic coating may be for you

When properly maintained, coatings can last years and maintain their gloss and shine

Cut down on your wash and dry time.  Our top tier coatings are ultra slick and provide the highest level of hydrophobics and self cleaning.  Contact angles that exceed 120 degrees.

Our coatings are much more difficult to install and do require a lot more prep work and time to complete.  These coatings get very hard very fast and do not like heat or humidity.  We have invested in a 1500 sq ft facility built for coating installation and it features heat and humidity control.  A controlled environment guarantees a quality installation every time.


Professional ceramic coatings installed by licensed, insured and fully trained installers


We don’t believe in selling low solids bottles of solvent.  Our coatings are permanent coatings that contain an ultra high solids content meaning you actually get what you’re paying for in the bottle.  More solids = more actual ceramic left on the surface after flash and significant increases in gloss.  You’re paying for a ceramic coating, not a bunch of solvent right?  Cheap coatings are what they are….  Cheap!  Low quality materials that bond poorly, no guarantee of performance and they contain little actual product.


Our coatings feature Titanium Dioxide and Silicon Carbide (SiC).  2 extremely hard, extremely chemical resistant and durable materials. These are proven materials by top tier companies.  Silicon Carbide (SiC)  is also very expensive to produce due to the raw materials used.

If you have any questions please call 860-829-9550 and we will be more then happy to assist you and answer any and all questions you have regarding coatings.  We have been installing coatings since 2014 – we know coatings!


  • – Hand wash and dry using safe swirl free methods
  • – Chemical decontamination (iron and mineral) to cleanse exterior of all contamination
  • – Clay bar mechanical decontamination
  • – Ceramic coating is applied to all: Exterior paint, Trim/plastics, Headlights/taillights
  • – Windows cleaned inside and out
  • – All jambs cleaned and dried
  • – FREE One On One Wash 7-21 days after application.

*Installation, paint correction and cure time on these coatings can take 2 to 5 days depending on size, condition and coating package selected – please plan to be without your vehicle for a few days*.

Tier 1 Coating Package

SB3 Thirty3 - 3 year ceramic coating
Tier 1 Coating Package
  • - SB3 Thirty3 is the premier in Nanoceramic Protective Coating, boasting a 9H scratch-resistant formula and utilizing advanced nano-coating technology for automobiles. Its advanced properties and ease of use make it the best choice for durability, slickness, and overall protection. Backed by a 3-year third-party warranty, there is no better choice for your vehicle. SB3 Thirty3 Coating forms a permanent bond to your vehicle's paint, is fully protected from highly damaging contaminants, and will not be removed by harsh chemicals once fully cured. Our Ultra Hydrophobic coating provides superior water repellency, easily exceeding any poly sealants exponentially.
  • - Please note - This coating will fully cure in 3 hours after application - Cures ultra hard and is far more chemically resistant in 3 hours then most coatings on the market.

Tier 2 Coating Package

SB3 Alpha - Single Layer 5 Year Coating
Tier 2 Coating Package
  • - Our most popular coating for daily driven trucks and suv's
  • - Alpha is a single layer application. This layer offers 5 years of protection while leaving a great layer of gloss and slickness. Alpha is a great coating for daily drivers or someone looking for long term protection. It allows for nice ease of maintenance and great protection. Alpha is backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by carfax.
  • - Add on SB3 Omega as a topcoat for an additional $100 - This makes Alpha ultra slick and adds a significant amount of durability

Tier 3 Coating Package

Ceramic Pro Silver - 5 Year Coating
Tier 3 Coating Package
  • - The Ceramic Pro Silver Package features 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H and 1 layer CP Top Coat - Glossy and slick with amazing hydrophobics and a very high level of chemical resistance

Tier 4 Coating Package

Ceramic Pro Gold Package - Lifetime Warranty
Tier 4 Coating Package
  • - The Ceramic Pro Gold Package is the ultimate coating package for your vehicle - The CP Gold package features 4 layers of 9H and 1 layer of Top Coat - The 4 base layers guarantee complete coverage and provide an ultra thick protective layer - Topcoat is your ultra slick, gloss enhancing hydrophobic layer - Backed by a lifetime warranty
add ons

Add-on Services



Ceramic Maintenance Service

Starts at $100 to $149

  • Wash, Decon and Inspection of coating
  • Application of ceramic coating maintenance products
  • Address any coating related issues



Headlight Restoration

Starts @ $125

  • Multi Step Wet Sanding, Compounding and Polishing to restore lens to like new condition
  • Lens are treated with headlight specific ceramic coating to protect against oxidation and yellowing



Trim Restoration

Starts @ $50

  • Exterior Trim is cleaned and treated to restore color and then coated with trim specific ceramic coating to prevent fading and discoloration.



Engine Bay Cleaning

Starts @ $50

  • Steam Clean Engine Bay
  • Degrease Engine Bay
  • Dress and Protect All Plastics



Ozone Treatment

Starts at $50

  • Kills Odors, Bacteria and Some Viruses
  • Ozone treatments are the best method for removing stubborn odors. As a gas, it can reach inside vents, far under seats, saturate upholstery fibers, and reach all the nooks and crannies that you cannot
  • We Cannot Guarantee or Make Any Claim That This Service Will Kill Any Specific Virus or Viruses
  • Removes Tobacco Smoke Odor – Great For Used Cars or When Selling a Car
  • Vehicle Must Be Cleaned Thoroughly For Best Results
  • Great Add-on To Any Interior Detailing Service
add ons